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Good morning Year 3.

Today I would like you to do English, Math, Science and ICT. I look forward to seeing you on Google Classroom at 9am.


Today I am going to challenge you to put all of the skills you have learnt this week into practice. We have been exploring direct speech all week, today is your chance to become the teacher! I have been trying to complete some direct speech tasks but I am not sure I am doing this quite right…please could you correct all of my mistakes? Follow the instructions on the sheet carefully.

250221 Speech Task


Today, you will use the skills have been developing this week to subtract money.

250221 Subtract Money


As part of our light topic, today I would like you to focus on sunlight. Within this lesson you are going to focus on sun safety and design your own sun safety poster. Read through the information on the slides and follow the instructions carefully.

250221 Sun Safety


This week we are creating a piece of music to accompany a scene that you will film later in the term.

  1. Watch this video that uses different music to the opening of ‘The Lion King’. Make notes on how the music makes you feel in each one and how the music affects your mood? What features of the music made you feel that way? Was it slow? Was it screechy? Was it loud? Was it fast paced?
  2. Next have a think about what sort of scene you might want to film later in the term and make the music to match. Some options could be:
  • Sad scene – Slow music with a string instrument
  • Action scene – Fast music with exciting sounds
  • Dance scene – Fast music with a beat added
  • Happy scene – high notes
  1. Watch this video to explain how use the ‘song maker’.
  2. Go to the website.
  3. Create your music by following these steps:
  • Choose an instrument.
  • Choose low or high notes or both. See video
  • Choose an instrument for the beat. See video
  • Choose the tempo to make it slower or quicker. See video
  1. Watch this video to explain how to save and copy the link
  2. Paste the link into a word document and name the file ‘Your name Music’

Make sure you send your file with the rest of your work.

I look forward to receiving your work later today.

Mrs Bishop