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Good morning Year 3.

For today’s work you will write the second paragraph of you persuasive letter in English, work on some division in Math, complete another investigation in Science and continue with your research task in ICT. Tomorrow morning I will be giving feedback on Science and any other misconceptions.


In this lesson, you are going to recap the features of a persuasive text and focus on the second paragraph of a letter. Remember to follow the instructions carefully and complete the tasks as you go.


Today you are going to work on your division skills. Use your multiplication facts to help you work out the answers and don’t be afraid to go and get the pasta, cubes or Lego blocks out to help you!

040221 Divide 2-digits by 1-digit


We will carry on with your Light topic in Science this week. You are going to explore shadows today and will think about how shadows are made using opaque objects. In your activity today you will think about how  a shadow is formed and investigate shadows themselves, thinking about the way they change size and the patterns they make. Follow the instructions on the slides, then complete the worksheet.

040221 Shadows

040221 Shadow investigation


You will be building on the work you did last week. You are going to look at how to refine a search and use these skills to search for local landmarks. Follow the instructions on the sheet below.

ICT 4.2.21

I look forward to seeing you on Google Classroom at 9am.

Mrs Bishop