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Good morning Year 3.

Your tasks today are, English, Math, French and Design Technology. Tomorrow morning I will be giving feedback on English and any other misconceptions.


In todays lesson, you will explore commands and then rhetorical questions. You are going to look at some examples from our book ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’.

You are going to practise writing commands and rhetorical questions from the perspective of one of the crayons. You will need your character you created for today’s lesson too 🙂


Today you will do another practical math lesson. We will be building on the work we have completed in the previous few lessons but it is really important you use some objects and have a go with the activities ready for moving forward.

For this lesson you will be multiplying 2-digit by 1-digit numbers but will be exchanging numbers too, so moving into the hundreds column. I have seen your work over the previous few days and know you will be amazing at it.


For your lesson today, I would like you to design your own bridge with a working mechanism. Read through the slides, then complete the sheet. Remember to start collecting your resources ready for next week when you will build your own bridge with a working mechanism.

020221 Bridges

020221 Bridges Task


Mrs Innerdale would like you to carry on with your French topic of Ma Famille. Remember to submit your French home learning to


As it is Tuesday, we would normally have a handwriting lesson at school. I would like you to complete the handwriting worksheet to perfect your joins today.

020221 Handwriting

I look forward to seeing you on Google Classroom at 9am for Chapter 6 of our book.

Mrs Bishop