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Good morning Year 3,

Great work again yesterday, your letters were wonderful. Well done!

Today you will be completing English, Math, French and DT (Where you will finally get to build your bridges!)


Today we will be carrying on with our work using ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’. I would like you re-read Chapter’s 1 and 2 then answer the comprehension questions. When you have completed this, you are going to sequence the story so far.

Fantastic Mr Fox Chapter 1 and 2

Chapter 1 and 2 Questions

090221 Task 2


As I said yesterday, you have another practical Math lesson today. In this lesson you are going to divide with remainders. You will need some items which you can share out, these could be blocks, pasta, Lego or anything else you might have around the house.


Mrs Innerdale would like you to carry on your work around Ma Famille. Please submit any French home learning to

090221 French


Today is bridge building day! Look back at the designs you created last week. Build your bridge to include a working mechanism. I can’t wait to see your finished bridges!

DT Building a bridge

DT Building bridge questions

Safer Internet Day

As today marks Safer Internet Day, I have included a video which discusses reliability when searching for information. This links in with the work you have been doing recently in ICT and explores the theme of this year’s Safer Internet Day, ‘An internet we trust: exploring reliability in the online world’. Watch the video and reflect on how you use the internet, is everything you find reliable? How could you check the facts for yourself?

Mr Patterson has provided some reasources for Safer Internet Day, please click on the links below to donwload them.

Home Learning Resources for 7-11s

Quick Activities

Resource Sheet

I look forward to receiving your work.

Mrs Bishop