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Good morning Year 3,

Today you will complete an English task, some multiplication in math, think about prayer in RE and work hard on some PE. Tomorrow morning I will be giving feedback on Math and any other misconceptions.


For your English lesson today you will recap the features of a persuasive text, focussing on the first paragraph of a letter. Then you are going to begin writing the first paragraph of your own persuasive letter.


You will continue multiplying 2-digits by 1-digit today, today’s work will build on the skills you practiced yesterday. Follow the instructions carefully and take your time to work through the sheet.

030221 Multiply 2-digits by 1-digit


For your RE lesson today you will think about our journey of prayer. Think about how prayer is an important part of our lives, the times of day you pray and the reasons you pray. I would like you to reflect on your own journey of prayer by working through a prayer journal. I know this is something we have looked at during our Collective Worship before so you should be familiar with some of the tasks. Find a quiet place to sit and complete some of the tasks on the slides below.

Prayer Journal


For your PE lesson today, you will be completing a warm up from Joe Wicks, when you have finished this I would like you to take part in Bellweather’s Book Bundle Activity. To finish you have another sock challenge to perfect your skills 🙂

030221 PE

Enjoy your tasks today and don’t forget to join me at 9am on Google Classroom.

Mrs Bishop