St. Mary and St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

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Good morning Year 3.

I am very excited to see you on Google Classroom today and to find out where Shen and Sika have got to in our story!

Today, you will be completing some English, Math, French and DT activities.


For your English task today, I would like you to write a recount from the perspective of the small foxes. You will need to reread Chapter 10 to help you with today’s work.

020321 English

Chapter 10


Your Math lesson today will be practical meaning there are no work sheets for you to complete. You need a pencil and paper to draw your bar charts and answer the questions on. You will also need a dice for today’s task. It might help if you have some cubes or lego bricks to make your own bar charts too.


Mrs Innerdale would like you to complete more work on your colours for your French this week. Make sure you send your work to


020321 Colour by numbers


As part of our topic of Flow and to link in with our outdoor learning, I would like you to build a boat using natural materials. Complete the worksheet and then collect all of your materials. As long as your boat is made out of only natural materials, you could try sailing it next time you are near the river. Remember to send me photos 🙂

020321 DT

I look forward to receiving your work later today.

Mrs Bishop