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Good morning Year 3 and happy Wednesday.

Today you are going to complete English, Math, RE and PE. Don’t forget to complete your return to school booklet and make sure you send it to me by Thursday if you have not already done so.

Back to school 1

Back to school 2


Today I would like you to begin by reading Chapter 11 and 12, you will then use this information to complete the comprehension questions. Remember to write in full sentences.

030321 English

Chapter 11 and 12

Chapter 11 and 12 Questions

Once you have finished your comprehension, please click on this link to hear Chapter 13.


Using the skills you developed in Math yesterday, today you are going to complete a worksheet about Bar Charts. Follow the instructions in the video and then finish the worksheet below.

030321 Bar Charts


For this lesson we will be focusing on the Liturgy of the Word. Follow the instruction in the slides below and complete the task.

The Liturgy of the Word

030321 RE Task


Today I would like you to complete a Joe Wicks PE lesson followed by another sock challenge 🙂

030321 PE

As tomorrow is World Book Day, I would like you to bring a prop which links to one of your favourite books (for eg. If your favourite book is Supertato, you could bring a potato). You are going to briefly describe your prop to the children in the classroom and we are going to try and guess your favourite book.

I look forward to seeing you at 9am on Google Classroom.

Mrs Bishop