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Good Morning Year 3

Happy 1st of July 🙂

Well done for sending me your work! I have been very impressed by the work you are completing, well done. I hope you have enjoyed a little of the sun while completing your work too. For your tasks today I would like you to do Maths, English and Science.


Today in Math, you are going to carry on investigating fractions. Watch the video to begin with then complete the worksheet. As with the rest of the week, I have attached the answer sheet for you to mark your own work once you have completed the task.

Maths 010721

Answers Maths 010721


You English task today is to reread the story Egyptian Cinderella. Once you have done this, I would like you to make a list of all of the good things which have happened to Rhodopis and all of the bad things which have happened to her (you started to create a list on Tuesday, you can add further information to this list).

The Egyptian Cinderella by Shirley Climo

When you have completed this, think carefully about what happened to Rhodopis at the end of the story. Do you think that the ending of the story was really a happy one for Rhodopis? How would the story seem different if she had refused to go with the Pharaoh at the end?

For the next part of your task, I would like you to read the arguments for and against the end of the story being a happy one for Rhodopis and choose which side of the argument you believe. Using the information in the cards below, write a paragraph explaining your views and the reason for your views.

English 010721


For your science lesson today, I would like you to research seed dispersal. Begin by watching the video which shows a variety of ways different seeds are dispersed.

Once you have done this, read through the slides and complete the worksheet. I have done one for you to show you the kind of answers I would like to see.

How Do Plants Spread Their Seeds

010721 Science Task

I will look forward to receiving your emails later and will see you on Google Classroom again soon.

Mrs Bishop