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Good morning Year 3,

I am sorry not to have all of you in class again today and we are all missing you lots! It won’t be long and we will be back together before we know it! In the meantime, I am looking forward to seeing your smiling faces at 10.30am this morning on Google Classroom.

Each day I will set you three tasks, today you have English, Maths and French to complete. When you have finished, send your work to


You have three parts to complete for your English today.

Task 1 – Look at the list of feelings. Write a range of sentences which include at least one word from the list. If there are any words you do not know, why not look them up

Task 2 – Use the link below and re-read the story of Egyptian Cinderella up to page 14. Make a list of all of the bad things which have happened to Rhodopis by this point.

Task 3 – Create a diary entry for Rhodopis including some of the key events up to Page 14. Think about how she might have felt at each point. Use the template to collect your ideas before you write up your diary entry in neat.

English 290621

The Egyptian Cinderella by Shirley Climo


For our Maths task this week, we are going to revisit fractions, looking at fractions of an amount. Don’t forget you can use items you have around the house to help you or make your own counters.

Watch the video, then complete the worksheet. I have included the answer sheet so you can mark your maths and see where you have made mistakes – if you find any, try to correct them to see where you might have got confused.

Maths 290621

Answers Maths 290621


Mrs Innerdale would like you to complete the following tasks for French this week: read through the slides below then work through the worksheets. When you have finished your French, please email it

Les Animaux de Nathalie

Worksheet for French goes with online learning pets and colours lesson 1


To help you complete any additional tasks, remember to look in your homework book for a variety of passwords to other websites including: Oxford Reading Owls, TT Rockstars and Lingascope.

Enjoy your tasks today and I am looking forward to seeing you at 10.30am.

Mrs Bishop



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