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Good morning Year 3,

Thank you for sending me your completed work yesterday, it was fantastic – well done! I am looking forward to seeing you all at our Google Classroom meeting again today at 10.30am.

Today you will be completing Maths, English and History. Have a look below for all of the instructions for your tasks today.


You will carry on with your fractions work today, again looking at fractions of a quantity. Remember you can use any items you have around the house to help you, I find Lego really useful! I have included the answer sheet again so you can check for any errors and work out where you might have gone wrong. Please remember not to look at the answer sheet until you have give all of the questions a go yourself first.

Watch the video, then complete the worksheet.

Maths 300621

Answers Maths 300621


In English today you will focus on verbs as part of our work on Egyptian Cinderella. You have two parts to your task today.

Task 1 – read through the extract from the story and highlight all of the verbs.

English 300621

Task 2 – Create a story map of Pharaoh’s journey from his throne, to the party. to the water where he finds the servant girls and Rhodopis. This can be a mixture of pictures and words. Try to include each of the Pharaoh’s actions as separate points on the map.

I have also attached a copy of the story for you to read through and remind yourself of all the key parts.

The Egyptian Cinderella by Shirley Climo


For your History task, I would like you to research some of the gods and goddesses the Ancient Egyptians worshipped. Read through the information on the slides then use this, plus some of your own research, to complete the worksheet.

Egyptian gods and goddesses

History 300621

Enjoy your tasks today, I am looking forward to seeing you on Google Classroom.

Mrs Bishop