St. Mary and St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

Home Learning Platform

Good morning Year 3 and happy Friday 🙂

This is the final day of your home learning and we are very excited to have you back in class on Monday. I am looking forward to seeing you on Google Classroom at 10.30am today.

Your tasks to complete today are English, Maths and RE.


When you return on Monday, we are going to start creating our own versions of the Egyptian Cinderella story. I would like you to reread the story and think of interesting ways that you might change some of the details in the story.

The Egyptian Cinderella by Shirley Climo

Once you have reread the story, answer these questions:

  • How might the slave girl end up in Egypt?
  • What kind of special garment could she be given?
  • What kind of creatures might she befriend?
  • Who or what could swoop down to steal her garment?
  • What might happen during Pharaoh’s action sequence when he travels to find the slave girl?
  • Does she agree to marry the Pharaoh in the end of not?

I would now like you to describe your special garment. Think carefully and use expanded noun phrases and similes to describe your item. It might be magical or very special, eg. ‘The shoe glistened as bright as the sun.’ or ‘The ring had a diamond as impressive as a pyramid.’


For your final home learning Maths lesson, I would like you to use fractions as decimals. Watch the video carefully to help you, once you have done this, complete the worksheet. I have included the answer sheet so you are able to go through your own work and check for any errors, remember to try to work out where you might have gone wrong.

020721 Maths

020721 Maths Answers


In our new RE topic we will be learning about Special Places, we will begin by thinking about places which are special to us and then move on to those which are special to Jesus.

Task 1 – Everyone has a place that is special to them. Think about your special places and what makes them special. Read through the slides which have been created by Yulissas, describing places which are special to her.

020721 Yulissas story

Make a list of special places and why these are special (e.g. because my friends/family are there; because it is a safe place; because it reminds me of happy things that happened there; because it is beautiful). Using the circles grid on the worksheet below, think about and name special places at home, in your school, in your local area and in the world. Why are they special?

020721 RE Special Places

Task 2 – We know of many special places in Jesus’ life because of the Gospels. Read through the slides which describe some of the special places in Jesus’ life.

020721 Special Places

When you have read through the slides, cut out the cards on the sheet and match the special events in Jesus’ life to the special places they took place.

020721 RE Jesus Special Places

I hope you enjoy your tasks today, have a lovely weekend and I am looking forward to seeing you on Monday.

Mrs Bishop