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Good morning,

Today is not only your last day of Home Learning but also your last working day as Year 3! I have absolutely loved being your teacher this year, you are all amazing and should be so proud of yourselves.

Remember today is our last day of Home Learning because tomorrow is a fun day in school – so you should have a fun day at home :)

I am looking forward to seeing you at 9am for our Google Classroom meeting! To keep you going on your final day of home learning, I have put some English code breaker activities, maths, RE and a transition task to celebrate your time in Year 3. Please do not worry if you do not complete everything, I know there is a lot to keep you busy today. Enjoy your final day of learning and enjoy being out and about from next Tuesday.


Today you need to escape the classroom!

‘You were on your way home when you realised that you had left your homework in your tray. You nip back into class to get it and hear a loud bang. You have accidentally been locked in your classroom and you could be here all night! 

Solve the clues and puzzles to reveal the keypad code needed to open the door.’ 

The rules –

  • Record your answer on the answer sheet.
  • Once you have discovered the ten-digit code for the keypad, ask a parent to find out if you can escape from the room!
  • Do not sneak a look at the answers – they are there to make sure your parents don’t have to do extra work.

Good luck!

160721 English Clue Cards

160721 English Recording Sheet

160721 English Answers


Today you have double maths :)

Firstly, I would like you to use your knowledge of capacity to add and subtract. Remember to convert into the smallest unit of measure, then use column addition or subtraction to find your final answer.

150721 Maths

150721 Maths Answers

For our final maths lesson, there are no worksheets! Follow the instructions in the video and complete the tasks as you go. Enjoy!


Today, I would like you to think about this line of scripture,

‘…the love of God has been poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit’ (Romans 5:5)

With this in your mind, read the information all about Rosena and her experience of God having a special place in her heart. Even when things were difficult for Rosena, she could still feel God in her heart, and the Word of God kept her safe.

150721 RE Information

Now think about the fact that God has a special place in all of our hearts, in both good and difficult times. When you have done this, I would like you to write a prayer on the heart template, or you could create your own heart to write in.

150721 RE


Today I would like you to help out the new Year 3 children by making a poster advertising all of your favourite activities you have done throughout your time in Year 3. I will share this with Miss Robinson to show the children coming into Year 3.

I am sorry not to get to say this in person but HAPPY SUMMER!!! I hope you all have an amazing break and have a fantastic time in Year 4.

Mrs Bishop :)

Excellent work again today – don’t forget to bring your treats to our Google Classroom party in the morning!

Mrs Bishop