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Good morning,

Thank you for sending me your completed work. It is lovely to hear from you and I loved some of the pictures of the biscuits people had baked! I am very excited to see you at 9am on Google Classroom, if you have any issue logging on please contact the school office as I will be on the call and won’t know until after we have finished.


In English today, I would like you to use apostrophes for possession and contraction. Watch the video and follow the instructions. When you have finished this, please complete the worksheet.

130721 English


In maths today you are going to start developing your understanding of capacity. Watch the video and complete the worksheet. I have attached the answers but remember not to take a sneaky peek at them until you have answered all of the questions on the worksheet first.

130721 Maths

130721 Maths Answers


For your RE lesson today,  I would like you to read through the information all about how we can respect our world as a Holy Place. When you have completed this, please fill in the worksheet thinking about the different actions children are taking to keep their world special and why they are doing them.

130721 RE Information

130721 RE


As you get ready to move into Year 4, I thought it might be nice if you did a little transition activity. I would like you to use the information on the sheet and fill up a bag all about you! We could even share some of our favourite ideas on tomorrow’s Google Classroom meeting.

130721 Extra

Also remember our TT Rockstars battle….you are winning….for now!!!!

I look forward to receiving your work later today.

Mrs Bishop