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Happy Friday Year 4! We will be meeting on Google classroom this morning at 9am. Hope to see you all there ๐Ÿ™‚

Well, it’s been a brilliant week, I’m so impressed by how hard everyone is working. Please send today’s work to – I will provide feedback for English.


Today we are moving on to look at how we can use estimation to help us find an answer when subtracting. This is where the rounding skills that we were practising last week begin to come in very useful ๐Ÿ™‚ Listen carefully and then complete the worksheet. Enjoy!

Estimate answers worksheet

Estimate answers worksheet answers


Our last lesson of the week, today we will be looking at speech and the correct punctuation. Click on the link below and follow the lesson. Once you have completed all of the tasks in the lesson, I would like you to write three of your own speech sentences correctly punctuating each one.

Project time!

From today, every Friday afternoon, you are going to be given time to do your very own project. The topic of our project will be North East England – the region of England in which we all live. However, apart from being given the title and topic of the project, the rest is up to you! In the document below I have provided you with some ideas around what you might do, but of course, these are only my suggestions and I am sure you will have many more. Read the instructions carefully. And of course you can do your research in lots of different ways for example; using the internet, reading books and perhaps even talking to members of your family about any facts they may be able to help you with!

Have fun. I look forward to seeing and hearing about what you have been doing over the next few weeks and seeing your work when you return to school.

Friday project

And remember to keep reading… check out Oxford Owl which has a whole list of age appropriate online books โ€“

Have a fantastic weekend Year 4… you definitely deserve it!

Mrs Myers ๐Ÿ™‚