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Good morning Year 4!

Friday already I hear you say? Or are you excited for the weekend? Either way, I have a great day of work for you to get stuck into today. When you’re working I want you to imagine that you are at school… are you focused? Are you listening to the learning? And most importantly, when you are writing are you trying your best and being creative? Try to write more than one paragraph when I set you a task, just like we would in school 🙂 I am enjoying reading some of the excellent stories!

Today you have Maths, English, RE and Art. Remember to send your completed work to me at by 8pm 🙂


Today, we are rounding to 1000. It’s our last rounding lesson and I’ve been impressed at your rounding to 10 and 100, so keep up the good work. Follow the lesson, pausing when asked to complete the worksheet.




Today, we are going to use sentences taken from the Borrowers to practise our English skills. We are going to look at how nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives are used in sentences. Follow the lesson, pausing when you are asked and writing the tasks in your book.


In RE we are starting our new topic all about the Church community, Each one of us belongs to several different communities, for example: our family community, the school community, the area where we live etc. Today we are going to think about these communities and complete the following tasks:

Task 1: Read the story in the ‘Community Story and Tasks document’ below. Your first task is to answer the questions on slide 2 in your book.

Task 2: Read slide 3 in the document below. Then open the ‘Community template worksheet’  and complete it. I can’t wait to see all the community roles that you think of.




To reflect what we are learning in History – I would like you to sketch a picture of a Viking warrior. You must first sketch the picture with a pencil but once you are happy with it you can use coloured pencils, pens, paints (or whatever you have in the house) to colour it in. You may even want to just leave it as a sketch. Whatever you do, take your time and try to make it life like. I have included some pictures and a ‘How to’ video to give you inspiration, but you might want to do your own research.


Have fun everyone and enjoy the weekend when it gets to 3pm 🙂

See you Monday.

Mrs Myers 🙂