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Good morning Year 4!

I hope everyone had a brilliant weekend! Are you ready to learn? I hope so… I promise I have some fun learning for you this week including learning about the important Kings who ruled during the Anglo Saxon period as well as all about Viking art! And in Science we are going to start our States of Matter topic. Tomorrow I even have some fun French flags work… wow, imagine how much more knowledge you will have in your brains by Friday!!


Our first lesson today is Maths and we are going to be doing some column addition of four digit numbers. Remember we learnt this back in the autumn and we are going to do some more practise before moving on to addition and subtraction strategies later this week. Remember there are a lot of things you need to remember when setting out your work, so be sure to watch the video carefully before doing your worksheet. Have fun!

Addition with more than one exchange – worksheet


Today we are going to continue our work around the book the Borrowers. Today’s work builds on the sentences that we wrote about each of the characters Pod, Homily and Arrietty last week. I would like each of your character descriptions to be at least one paragraph, four lines in length – meaning that you will have at least 12 lines of writing to show me. Remember to talk your sentence through in your head before you write it and read it back to yourself afterwards so that you can check it makes sense. You could even draft your work first on scrap paper before writing it up neat in your book as this helps to work things through in your head. When you are ready click on the link below.


As you know in addition to English we always do some reading lessons in class each week. So today, I have set you a comprehension all about the Victorious Vikings. Read the comprehension first and then answer the questions set. Remember to answer all the questions using full sentences like we do in class and start each answer with a capital letter.

Victorious Viking Comprehension Reading and Questions

Times Tables and Spelling

Today, I have a few tasks that I would like you to do which involve memorising things we need to know in Year 4.

Task 1: First, I would like you to choose a times tables that you aren’t too confident at. Then once chosen your task is to practise it so that by the end of the lesson you can recall it off by heart to someone else. If you know all your times  tables learn the division facts for it, for example 108 divided by 9 = 12. You can write your chosen table down on paper or say them out loud, it’s up to you. It might take some time, but the more you practise the better you will get. Your challenge is to perform it to someone you live with this evening. Perhaps you can tell me which times table you chose when you email me?

Task 2: I have set 10 spellings for you below from the Year 4 spelling list – all of which end with the suffix -ion. Practise writing them down on paper and writing them into sentences. You can even write them as bubble writing if it helps. Whatever you choose, you will be able to spell them confidently by the end of this week.

Spelling 11th Jan


And finally, even though we can’t come to school, it’s important we stay active so I’d like you to do this Yoga class. It’s Harry Potter yoga and I promise it’s fun! If you’d rather do PE perhaps you could google and find the Joe Wicks session that went live today as he is delivering sessions again every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Have fun Year 4, please send your Maths, English and Comprehension work to by 8pm this evening.

See you tomorrow.

Mrs Myers 🙂