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Please note: There will be a Google classroom meet at 9am today. Hope to see everyone there.

Good morning Year 4,

Welcome to a new week! I can’t wait to start our day with the class register and group prayers. I love seeing all of your faces on screen 🙂

This week, I have lots more fun activities for you to do and we will end the week by working on our North East England projects. I have to say I’m so impressed by what I have seen so far, you are all so imaginative!

Today we are doing Maths, English, Reading Comprehension and PE. Please send all of your work to and I will provide feedback on Reading Comprehension.


Today is our last lesson on addition and subtraction before we move onto multiplication tomorrow. Today we are learning all about how you can use the inverse (or opposite) operation to check your answers. Listen carefully, as you always do, and then try the worksheet below. I have provided the answers for you to check with an adult at the end of the lesson.

Checking strategies worksheet

Checking strategies worksheet answers


By now you have all written your opening scene from the Borrowers story. In this lesson, we will generate vocabulary for the build-up scene and use our inference skills to show how the characters are feeling. Before opening the lesson, read your opening scene again so you can remember it. I want you to take notes as you are listening and write down the sentences and words that the teacher asks you too. By writing as much as you can you will have more ideas when we move on to our next lesson, planning the build up 🙂

Reading Comprehension

Today is a very special day – it is Martin Luther King Day. Martin Luther King Jr. was an American campaigner for the fair and equal treatment of all people and an end to racial discrimination. He was a brilliant and brave man and a wonderful speaker. He was also the youngest-ever person to win the Nobel Peace Prize. He was famous for a speech that you may have heard of. It began with the words, “I have a dream”.

Task 1: Today you are going to first read about Martin Luther King Jr. and then answer the comprehension questions set.

Martin Luther King Reading Comprehension Worksheet

Task 2: I then want you to imagine you are making your own, ‘I have a dream’ speech. What would you want to change about the world? Would you like to continue Martin Luther King’s work to make sure that everyone, regardless of who they are, is treated equally and fairly? Would you like to save animals? Make the world more sustainable by saving the rainforests? Help clean the world’s oceans? Or perhaps help people who are less fortunate than you? It’s up to you. I have provided a template for you to write your dream in. Remember, anyone can change the world when they set their mind to it!

I have a dream worksheet

You can also learn more about the significance and importance of the, ‘I have a dream’ speech by watching this video:


Let’s end the day with a class PE lesson. I have set you some circuit activities. Find something you cannot trip over to mark your floor. Once you are ready, make sure you complete the warm up first, then move your way around the circuit, watching each video in order. Have fun, imagine everyone at home doing it too!

HOME PE – KS2 Fitness Challenge Y3/4

Have a fun day Year 4 and see you tomorrow!

Mrs Myers 🙂