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There will be a Google class call at 9am today 🙂

Good morning everybody, I hope you had a lovely weekend!! I have another great week, packed with fun learning for you to do. We’ll be learning to divide 2 and 3 digit numbers in Maths and in English we are going to learn all about a very interesting poet, painter and illustrator called John Lyons.

We’ll also continue our Community topic in RE and learning all about the Vikings in History and Art. And of course I’ll make sure you get plenty of exercise with PE (remember Joe Wicks is doing his classes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday) as well as some rhythm lessons in Music which will get our bodies moving. On top of all of that, I’m looking forward to seeing you at 9am each day for our class call.

Times Tables and Spelling Test on our class call – Thursdays and Fridays

Just to let you all know, from now on, on our class call each Thursday we will be doing a times tables test. This week (Thursday 28th Jan) I will be testing your 6 and 7 times table. Make sure you get lots of practise in between now and then 🙂

Each Friday on our call, we will have a spelling test. I will set the spellings on a Monday so you can practise during the week as much as you can. The spellings for this week are attached below and relate to tomorrow’s English skills lesson so children will get a chance to go through them with the teacher during the lesson to understand the spelling rules.

Spelling 25th Jan

Remember to send all your work from today to before 8pm. I will be providing feedback for Reading.


We’ve conquered multiplication and today we move on to division, starting with division of 2 digits by 1 digit. Listen to the lesson and complete your worksheet as you go.

Maths divide 2 digits by 1 digit (1) worksheet

Maths divide 2 digits by 1 digit (1) answers


Today we are beginning a new English topic – Poetry. Over the next two weeks we will learn about the poet John Lyons. We will watch videos of Lyons speaking about and performing poetry, as well as write our own poetry inspired by his work! In today’s lesson you are going to listen carefully to John Lyon’s life story and then prepare a fact file about him.


Today I have a very exciting lesson for you. I want you to watch one of my favourite short stories called, ‘The Present’. Note that at first I only want you to listen up to 1 min 24 seconds into the film and then stop it there. This is because your first task of the day is to predict what happens next. 

The tasks that I want you to do are on the attached worksheet below.

The Present – Worksheet and Tasks



Today we are going to do PE with Joe!! This one’s from Friday but I will update the link to Monday’s once it’s out. Remember exercise makes you feel happy as it releases endorphins which make you feel positive. Have fun!

Have a great day Year 4! See you tomorrow.

Mrs Myers 🙂