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Good morning Year 4!

Thank you for all the fantastic work you are sending in – I’m so proud of you all 🙂 Today’s lessons are Maths, English, Science and French – I hope you have fun!

Please send you Maths, English and Science work in as normal to however, moving forward, although we will look at each task, we will only be giving feedback on one piece of work each day. The feedback from today’s tasks will be linked to Science.

Please send French separately to: – thank you.


Today we are practising our subtraction of four digit numbers – starting with numbers that require one exchange. Listen carefully, and then complete the accompanying worksheet. Today, I have included the answers for you to check against when finished.

Subtraction with one exchange worksheet

Subtraction with one exchange – worksheet answers


Today in our study of the Borrowers, we will be focusing on an extract from the book and listening to a setting description. We will then discuss key vocabulary related to the setting and how we can apply this to our writing.


Today we are learning all about flags. Click on the link below and then click the present button in the top right hand corner. Choose ‘Present from beginning’ Then follow Mrs Innerdale’s instructions – just click on the sound icon to hear her. You will need to also read her instructions at the top of each slide. Move through the slides using the arrow on the bar which appears at the bottom.


Today we are starting our States of Matter Topic.

Task 1: Follow the instructions in the lesson carefully and then write your answers into the ‘Properties of solids, liquids and gases table’ below.

Properties of solids, liquids and gases table to complete

Task 2: If you are still up for a challenge sort the solids, liquids and gases on the cards in the sheet below into the correct categories.

Activity Sheet – Solids, Liquids and Gases Sorting Cards

Enjoy yourselves 🙂

Mrs Myers.