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There will be a Google class call at 9am today ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy Tuesday Year 4, I hope you are all feeling good! Today we are doing Maths, English, Science and French. Have fun!


In Maths, we are continuing to divide 2 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers. Enjoy the lesson…

Maths divide 2 digits by 1 digit worksheet 2

Maths divide 2 digits by 1 digit worksheet 2 answers

English Skills

Today we are going to practise our English skills by investigating the -ous suffix. Listen carefully and follow the instructions given, writing any work up into your book. You will also see that the lesson goes through the rules relating to our spellings this week.

I’ve reattached the spellings relating to this lesson which will be tested this Friday – 29th January.

Spelling 25th Jan


This week in French we are learning to understand and use the compass points and to combine them with cities. As usual listen to Mrs Innerdale carefully and do the tasks set in your book.


In this lesson, we will be learning what happens to the behaviour and arrangement of particles when they are heated or cooled. We will also investigate some uses of these properties such as cooling gases in order to store them. Mr. Stewart has prepared a table for you to complete as you go through the lesson, however if you don’t have a printer, please just create the table in your book and complete. If you are doing this please remember to draw your lines with ruler and keep your work neat.

Science – states of matter worksheet to be completed

Here are some extra videos about what you have learned – remember do not try these experiments at home unless you are accompanied by an adult!

And remember to keep practising your spellings and times tables…

Have a great day!

Mrs Myers ๐Ÿ™‚