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Rise and Shine Year 4!

It’s the middle of the week already and I can’t wait for our online catch up today. Be logged in and ready for 10am.

Today we will be doing Maths, English, RE and Music – and if you’re still feeling energetic why not do a Joe Wicks workout – he’s up and running again Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Please send in all your work to I will provide feedback for Maths.


Today we are looking at subtraction of four digit numbers which require more than one exchange. I want you to listen to the presentation very carefully to remind yourself of the strategy we use. Then try the questions.

Subtraction with more than one exchange – worksheet


In this lesson, we will be focusing on the opening scene in an episode of ‘The Borrowers’. We will plan our story opening ideas and generate vocabulary that can be used in our writing. A planning template (reflecting that used in the lesson) can be found below.

English – Story Opening Planning Template


Today is our second lesson on the topic of Community. At the beginning of his ministry on earth, Jesus chose certain people to follow him and share in his work. They were to be Apostles and would be sent out to spread the Good News.  People who followed Jesus Christ in the early Church began to be called Christians.  They formed a Christian community called the Church.

Task 1: First read the presentation below and then open the diary entry task and read the instructions carefully. You are going to be writing a diary entry and an example has been provided for you.

Task 2: Open the 12 Apostles worksheet – your challenge is to memorise the names of 12 Apostles! Can you do it?

Presentation for the lesson

Diary entry task – instructions and example

The 12 Apostles Worksheet


Following on from last week, today we will be exploring some basic notation and reading some rhythms. Enjoy!

See you tomorrow everyone 🙂

Mrs Myers.