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Happy Fri-yay Year 4! Wow, our first week over so soon…

Today we will doing Maths and English, a special piece of work on Fair Trade and then you have time to do your North East England Project this afternoon. It’s our spelling test on our call at 9am so remember to bring a pen/pencil and some paper – you know the drill 🙂

I have also included the Geography worksheet below from yesterday as I forgot. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Viking Invasion Map Worksheet

Please remember to send your completed work to – thank you!


Now that we’ve mastered adding fractions, today we are moving on to subtracting them. Remember, as always, listen carefully to the lesson and then try your hardest to complete the worksheet below.

Subtract fractions worksheet

Subtract fractions worksheet Answers


You’ve done lots of great preparation this week so today we start planning the opening and introductory paragraph of our explanation text all about the art of making chocolate.

Fair Trade Fortnight

As it is Fairtrade fortnight, I would like you to listen to the video below and then choose an activity from the worksheet below. Please send me a photo of your completed work on your email when you are done. Thank you.

Fair Trade Activity

North East England Project

Last term you all did some wonderful work producing lots of interesting work related to our topic – North East England. I’ve seen pictures, sketches and models of famous landmarks including The Angel of the North, Bamburgh Castle, Grey’s Monument, The Theatre Royal and Alnwick Castle to name a few; I’ve read excellent fact files all about the different areas in our region and some of you have even been to visit some of the places you have researched. Today I want you to begin putting together your PowerPoint or Photo Story that you can show the class when we return back to school. Your slides/story can include pictures of what you have done and / or any sentences you would like to type explaining what you did – 1 or 2 slides is enough. Please don’t send me the slides just yet as I need to ensure I have space in my inbox to receive them all. You will also have time next week to complete your work before we return back to school.

I have reattached the original document in case some of you are still looking for ideas around what you could do.

Friday project

Have a great weekend everyone and see you on Monday!

Mrs Myers 🙂