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Hello everyone!

We’ve nearly made it to half-term… 4 more days of lessons and then you get to have a well-earned rest :-)

This week I have lots of exciting things for you to do. Let’s start with today – there’s Maths, English, Comprehension, Computing and PE. In addition, this week we are going to have a history focus as the Jorvik Viking Centre in York is hosting a series of online Viking videos and activities for you to experience and enjoy. There will be a new activity going live at 10am and 2pm each day. The link to Live Stream 1 which went out at 10am today is below. Links to the 2pm Live Stream and future activities can be found by scrolling down the page. And as well as these live events there is lots of other content I think you will enjoy too! Have fun :-)

Mon 8 Feb 10am Livestream

See you all at 9am for our class call… today Mr Stewart will be talking to us about the importance of believing we can achieve anything we set our minds to :-)


In Maths we continue our work on equivalent fractions. It’s tricky in places but say to yourself, ‘I can do it!’ and give it your best shot :-)

Lesson 6 – Equivalent Fractions Worksheet

Lesson 6 – Equivalent Fractions Worksheet Answers

Equivalent Fractions Wall – to support work

English (including spellings)

In our first English lesson of the week we will be doing two tasks.

Task 1: Your first task is to listen to the lesson all about homophones below and complete the tasks set. This week our spellings are all homophones so you will see many of them discussed in the lesson. Your spellings can be found below the lesson and I will be testing these on Thursday morning.

Spelling 8th Feb

Task 2: All of this week we will be planning to write a story. Today we will create our main character, tomorrow we will create a setting, on Wednesday we plan our story and then on Thursday we will write it! Your story can be about anything you choose – it is completely up to you. Today, all you need to do is create your main character and give me some information about them. I have included a character description template for you to use if you wish.

Character description template

Times Tables

This week we will be practising our 12 x table. Practise as much as you can ahead of our test which this week will be on Wednesday.


In class you will remember that we often talk about the importance of having a growth mindset. In this morning’s class call Mr Stewart is going to talk to you about this and discuss with you how we can all get better at believing in ourselves! To build on this, the theme of today’s comprehension lesson is never giving up. Watch the video ‘Soar’ below and then answer the questions which Mr Stewart has set for you. Be sure to carefully read his instructions before you begin your work.

Soar comprehension questions


Click here for Computing with Mr Patterson.


And for your final lesson today Mr Stewart has set you some fun PE activities. Enjoy yourselves…

PE lesson and challenge

See you all at 9am tomorrow Year 4!

Mrs Myers :-)