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Good morning Year 4!

Well we’ve made it to the end of term – give yourself a pat on the back. I have been so impressed by just how hard everyone has worked – thank you. Why don’t you take a minute to say thank you to those who you live with as I know they have helped you lots!

Today on our class call I will be testing this week’s spelling so make sure you have a pen/pencil and some paper with you. Today on our timetable we have Maths, English, History and Art. I have also included some very important information about Lent which I would like you to look at.


In Maths today we are looking at fractions greater than 1. Listen to the lesson very carefully and then complete the worksheet below.

Lesson 9 – Fractions Greater than 1 Worksheet

Lesson 9 – Fractions Greater than 1 Worksheet Answers


Today is the day you have all been waiting for… it’s time to write your stories. I have enjoyed learning all about your wonderful characters and settings so I can’t wait to read the final stories! Take your time and remember to include the following in your writing:

  • Correct punctuation including capital letters and full stops
  • Lots of powerful adjectives, verbs and adverbs
  • Use clear paragraphs for your beginning, middle and end
  • Check your spellings using a dictionary or Google if you are unsure
  • If using speech remember the rules – punctuation, 66, capital letter, punctuation, 99. For example: Homily yelled, “Don’t do that Pod, it’s unsafe!”


We’ve learned lots about the Vikings this term (especially this week) so I have some fun activities for you today all about the Viking language.

First read the Viking writing and Runes worksheet below to understand how the Viking language worked. After you have done this read my message to you – can you understand it? Why not have a go at your own as well? I have included a template for you to use.

Viking Writing and Runes Worksheet – read first

Mrs Myers’ Viking message to Year 4 – note: for this message I have taken L to be 2 lines at bottom and 5 on top; and I to be 4 lines on bottom and 3 on top.

My Viking Message – have a go at writing your own message!

As an extra activity why not choose your own Viking name using the worksheet below and let me know what you are called 🙂

Choose your own Viking name


In Art we are going to create a picture of a Viking Longboat. All of the instructions are below including the template you will need to create the ship itself. I am going to make a display of everyone’s work when we return to school so please keep your work safe and bring it back into school on our first day back 🙂 Thank you everyone for this!

Viking Longboat Examples and Instructions

Template for Viking Longboat artwork

Half term task – Lent

Next week we observe Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. Please look at the PowerPoint below together with your family and talk about the journey of Lent. When we come back together as a class we can talk  about all of the Lenten promises you have made.


I hope you all have a lovely half-term and I look forward to our first class call after the holiday on Monday February 22nd at 9am.

Stay safe everyone 🙂

Mrs Myers.