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Good morning Year 4, hope everyone is feeling good this morning.

On our timetable today we have Maths, English, History and Art. I’d also like you to learn the Jerusalema Dance I will explain all on the call in the morning… Remember we have our times tables test this morning on our call at 9am, so have a pen/pencil and paper ready 🙂


Today we continue to practise our adding skills in fractions. Keep up the great work, you did so well yesterday!

Add 2 or more fractions Worksheet

Add 2 or more fractions Worksheet Answers


In Today’s lesson, we will practise how to use a range of formal conjunctions correctly in our writing, so that we can begin to draft wonderful sentences telling people how chocolate in made!


Today, we are going to learn about the Viking homelands, the routes they took to Britain when the first raided back in 787 AD and where the settled in Britain, labelling and plotting each in turn on a map.

This video below shows you some of the other countries the Viking’s raided and settled in.


Today in Art you have a choice. You can either continue to work on your Viking Longboat from the last lesson – remember you will need to bring this in with you on your first day back as we will be creating a classroom display to celebrate everyone’s work – or you can follow the lesson below which teaches you to sketch a Viking dragonhead. Or maybe do both.

Are you able to complete the challenge of never lifting your pencil off your paper as you draw? Have fun!

Viking Art Slide4 – lesson and instructions for Viking Dragonhead

Longboat Examples and Instructions – from previous lesson for display

Template for Viking Longboat artwork – from previous lesson for display

Extra activity

Have fun learning the dance below – it’s a craze that’s sweeping the world so we thought it would be good to produce our own video as a school with content of lots of people doing it. If you would like to be in the video record yourself for 30 seconds or so and send it to

Jerusalema Dance Instructions

This is the music for you to play when recording your video.

See everyone tomorrow!

Mrs Myers 🙂