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Happy Tuesday Year 4! I hope you enjoyed Yesterday’s lessons.

Today we have Maths, English, French and Science. Look forward to seeing you on our call at 9am where we will practise our spellings together (the spellings can be found in yesterday’s post).

Please remember to send your completed work to and your French work to – thanks!


Following the recap of our learning so far, today we move on to practising counting in fractions. Listen to the lesson carefully and then complete the worksheet below.

Lesson 10 – Count in fractions Worksheet

Lesson 10 – Count in fractions Worksheet Answers


In this lesson, we begin to learn all about how chocolate is made. We will then summarise each of the four main stages by writing a sentence for each stage.


Today In French, Mrs Innerdale has set you a French word search containing words to do with holidays! Mind you, she likes making things tricky by putting words along the edges, backwards and diagonally. Don’t worry, she says if you can find at least half of them you’ve done really well! Enjoy the challenge 🙂

French word search


In this lesson, we will learn about substances, like sand, that do not fit into one state of matter. We will also learn about non-Newtonian fluids and investigate their properties! The lesson begins with a quick quiz… how much can you remember from last term?

Follow the lesson and if you have an adult with you and the correct ingredients you can have a go at making a non-Newtonian solution of your own!

Science – Experiment worksheet

Take a look at these two videos to learn more about non-Newtonian fluids and how they work.

When you are finished your lessons today, take some time to practise your spellings and your 3 x and 6 x tables ahead of our tests later this week.

See you all at 9am tomorrow Year 4!

Mrs Myers 🙂