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Good morning Year 4!

Today is one of my favourite days of the Year… It’s Groundhog Day!! Tune in to our class call at 9am and I’ll tell you all about it… see you there!

Today we are doing Maths, English, French and Science. Send your completed work to me at Please send French to Thank you 🙂


Keep going with your fractions, you all did really well yesterday 🙂 Enjoy the lesson!

Fraction Lesson 2 – What is a fraction Worksheet

Fraction Lesson 2 – What is a fraction Worksheet Answers


Today we are learning all about expanded noun phrases. Listen carefully and follow the instructions in the lesson.


In French, we are learning to describe some of the activities we did on our holidays 🙂 Remember to send your completed work to Mrs Innerdale at Thank you!


In our States of Matter topic we are looking at what changes of state are and why they take place. The worksheet below the lesson is for you to complete as you listen.

Science – States of matter table to complete along with lesson

In the addition to the lesson above, Mr Stewart has found a few links to videos showing exciting experiments. Remember, if you would like to do them at home, always ask permission of an adult first and make sure they are there with you as you do it. There is also a slide deck with some extra interesting information and challenges… are you up for it?!

Changing states – extra facts and challenges

Enjoy your day everyone, see you tomorrow.

Mrs Myers 🙂