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Good morning Year 4! Wakey, wakey rise and shine :-)

Today on our call I will be testing the 12 x table so please remember to bring a pen/pencil and paper with you. Our timetable today includes: Maths, English, RE and Music.

And today for our Viking Activity – watch this video all about Viking superstitions!



In Maths today we have our final lesson on equivalent fractions – you are all doing so well. Try your hardest…


Lesson 8 – Equivalent Fractions Worksheet

Lesson 8 – Equivalent Fractions Worksheet Answers


Task 1: We continue our work on apostrophes but today we will recap our learning on plural possession – when an item or thing belongs to more than one person. Remember, although we have not studied The Highwayman – you can still follow the lesson and do the activities as instructed.

Task 2: You have a character and a setting, today you are going to plan your story. I’ve included a planning template for you to use – you might remember this as we have used it in class before. I have also included a completed example so you can remind yourself what to write in each box.

Story Mapping Template

Story planner completed example – although a different template the information in both is the same. Remember, you only need write bullet point notes in your planning not full sentences.


Today in RE we are moving on to our Sacrament of the Eucharist topic which helps you to better understand the Catholic Mass. Watch the lesson below and then watch the video underneath to see everything you have learned in action. Once you have done this, complete the task I set out in the lesson. I have also included the powerpoint I talk through in the lesson as a separate document so that you can refer to it as you write.



Celebrating the Mass – Part 1 The Opening Rite – powerpoint from lesson


This is your final music lesson on rhythm so I’m sure you’re all excellent at keeping a beat now! Today you will practise everything that you’ve learned so far and you will learn how to structure your rhythms.
Mr Stewart has shared another body percussion video and I’m sure you are all familiar with this song so have fun learning how to perform that. 
Mr Stewart is a drummer and he knows how important rhythm is for playing the drums. Have a look at the video below and see if you can use your rhythm skills to learn a beat on the drums. You can use anything in your house to play a beat on, but my favourite are plastic containers and pans. Remember, make sure no-one at home is working close by or on a call when you try this!! :-) – click here for the lesson



This week’s Skipping Challenge!

See you all tomorrow :-)

Mrs Myers.