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Good morning!

How you all feeling? Ok I hope… today we have Maths, English, Geography and a special activity to celebrate World Book Day. Take your time, work hard and most importantly have fun! Remember to send your completed work to – thanks!

If you haven’t done so already, please can you send me your ‘Back to School’ form which I attached to Wednesday’s post. I have attached again for ease if you need it. I am collating them all and will be talking through some of them, without using any names, on our calls and next week in class.

Back to school 1

Back to school 2


Your work so far in fractions has been wonderful and you are all becoming fractions experts. So proud of you all. Listen carefully today and try your best as always.

Fractions of a set object Lesson 2 Worksheet

Fractions of a set object Lesson 2 Worksheet Answers


In English today we are going to edit your work. Edit simply means to correct anything incorrect in your work such as spellings and punctuation and up-level your work by adding in more powerful verbs and adverbs. It really is a fun lesson so enjoy yourselves. You will need your work from the previous lesson.


Today in Geography, I want you do undertake some research using the internet. You are going to look at the similarities and differences between the UK and Norway – a country, as we know, where many Vikings came from. Read the slides carefully and complete the task set. I look forward to reading all of the interesting facts you come up with 🙂

UK and Norway slides to read for lesson (includes task)

World Book Day

To celebrate world book day in school and at home, we are going to look at After the Fall by Dan Santat. Use the link below to listen to the story. If you would prefer to read it, pause the video to read the text on screen.

Click on the link below to find some activities linked to the book. Choose at least one activity and send me some pictures of your World Book Day adventures with your home learning tonight.

World Book Day Activities

You might also like to use this book challenge for the whole family!

World Book Day 2021 – Book Hunt Challenge!

Have fun Year 4… last day of home learning tomorrow!!! Remember your pen/pencil and paper for tomorrow’s spelling test. Your spellings can be found on Monday’s post.

Mrs Myers 🙂