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Happy Tuesday Year 4!

Today we are doing Maths, English, French and Science. Enjoy yourselves, work hard and remember to send your completed work to – the separate email address for French can be found below.


Today we continue to practise our subtraction skills, this time subtracting from whole amounts – you will be experts soon :-)

Subtract from whole amounts Worksheet

Subtract from whole amounts Worksheet Answers


Today you are going to be planning the middle part of your explanation text. I have included a planning template for those of you who have a printer – if you use it you will need to print off two copies. Remember, try your hardest as this will make sure your final piece is the best it can be when we return to school next week.

English planning template


Today in French, we are learning all about the months of the Year… have fun everyone!

Remember to send your French work to – thanks.


In Science today you are going to produce a poster on everything you have learned about states of matter. Mr Stewart has made a presentation to help you. Have a look through the slides and try to include as much as you can about the states of matter. :-)

States of matter slides

Have a great day Year 4… half way through the week tomorrow :-)

Mrs Myers.