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Hello everyone!

Half-way through the week and you are all doing so well! Thank you for working so hard!

Today I have Maths, English, RE and Music for you. Enjoy your day and send your completed work to – thanks!

Also, as part of your return to school, Miss White has asked if everyone can complete and return this short task by Thursday.

Back to school booklet

Back to school 2


Now today you are using all of the skills in fractions that you have learned so far and it will take concentration. Keep focused and try your very best – I know you can do it!

Fractions of a set object Worksheet

Fractions of a set object Worksheet Answers


Today you are writing the middle part of your explanation text. Get your brains going and show me you can use all of the English skills we have learned! I can’t wait to read all of your work.


Today in RE we are looking at the importance of the words of Consecration. Listen carefully to the lesson (video 1) and the task which I would like you to do. Note: When I play the video in the lesson (around 7 mins) the sound does not work so I have included the video (video 2) separately below. After watching video 2, please just move forward in the lesson to the part where I come back to the slides and the sounds comes back. Thanks.

Video 2


In Music this week we are carrying on with our percussion lessons and we are going to look at lesson three. Practice the cup song again and then move onto some body percussion. Have fun! 🙂

See you at 9am tomorrow Year 4 for our times tables test of the 4 x and 8 x tables.

Mrs Myers 🙂