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Good morning Year 4 home learners! We are missing you in class but look forward to seeing you on our daily Google classroom at 10am. Mr Patterson will have sent you details – any problems please just get in touch with the school.

Each day I will be setting you three pieces of work. Today I have English, Maths and History for you. I hope you enjoy it. Please send you work back to me before 6pm each day to – thank you so much. Hopefully we will be back together soon.


Today in Maths we are practising our area skills. Listen carefully to the lesson and then complete the worksheet below.

Comparing Area Worksheet

Comparing Area Worksheet – Answers


In this lesson we are practising our English skills by looking at homophones. Homophones are words that sound the same but have different meanings – for example: their, there and they’re or where, were, wear and we’re. You have 4 worksheets. Read the instructions carefully and then decide what the missing word is in each sentence.

My tip is to say each sentence out loud. When it comes to sentences where you think a contraction might be missing – for example: we’re, you’re – then try saying the two words the contraction replaces – ‘we are’ and ‘you are’ and see if it makes sense.

There Their and They’re worksheet

To Too and Two Worksheet

Wear Where Were We’re and Your and You’re Worksheet

Challenge yourself by writing some sentences of your own using each of these homophones!


Today we are learning about the Aztecs. First, read the slide deck and make notes of any important facts you would like to remember. Then, try to see if you can guess where the Aztec period happened in the timeline (don’t peek to the next slide.) Then, you are going to create your own timeline. You can do this by either printing off the dates and pics or – if you don’t have a printer – by having them up on your screen and deciding which date goes where.

Remember, when working with the timeline, first put Year 0 in the middle. When you move to the left you are in the time before Christ (BC). When you move to right you are in the time after Christ was born (AD). Remember the further away you get from 0 the higher the numbers get and the closer the numbers get to Year 0 the smaller they are. I have also included a completed piece of work in case you get stuck to help you along!

Aztecs History Slide1 – read this first

Aztecs History Work1 – then first cut out the dates and pictures and arrange them in chronological order on a timeline. If you don’t have a printer you can draw the timeline yourself.

Example of completed work

If you want to challenge yourself answer the questions on the additional worksheet.

I hope you enjoy your day. See you at 10am.

Mrs Myers 🙂