St. Mary and St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

Home Learning Platform

Hello! Friday at last… final day of home learning. Thank you for working so hard 🙂

Today we have Comprehension, RE and then I would like you do some fun garden art. I hope you have a great day and we all cannot wait to see you back in school on Monday! And of course we have our catch up at 10am (promise we’ll be there!)


Today’s reading text in on Greta Thunberg, who you may have heard of? Read the text carefully and then answer the questions on the worksheet.

Greta Thunberg Higher


In this lesson we are learning about Saint Oscar Romero. All you need to do is read the slides about him, then I would like you to write down some questions you would like to have asked Oscar if he were alive today? Also, can you say what qualities he had? When you are finished why don’t you draw a portrait picture of him… I look forward to seeing it!

Oscar Romero slides to read


Most importantly today I would like you to have fun. So can you go out in the garden and find some leaves or flowers that you would like to draw? Take care to sketch any detail that you see. Take your time and enjoy yourself. Fingers crossed that it is sunny!!

Look forward to seeing you at 10am!

Mrs Myers 🙂