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Good morning Year 5.

We have another live google classroom meet today at 9:15am, I look forward to seeing you all there soon.

Today we will be focusing on Maths, English, RE and a new project.

Please send all work in as normal to, I am checking through everything and if I feel you need some help I will comment however the feedback from today’s tasks will be linked to your English work.


Follow the video below multiplying 2 digits by 2 digits.

Complete the worksheet provided.


Here is an addition challenge to keep you busy:

extra challenge


I have created a writing task for you to complete step by step. The focus of today’s writing is the use of adverbs. Each page asks you to develop your writing skills further. Follow each set of instructions.

Here is a link with a helpful guide to adverbs

On the last page I have started a story. I would like you to use what you have created in the earlier pages to extend my story.

I am looking forward to reading all of your ideas.

English story task


In the Gospels, we read about Jesus’ mission. ‘Gospel’ means ‘Good News’. The Good News Jesus came to make known is that God loves each of us and that living in God’s Way brings love, justice and peace for the entire world.

In his Gospel, Luke shows us how Jesus chooses God’s way and begins his mission.

Jesus carried out his mission by what he said and what he did.

He started this when he was about 30 years old.

Jesus did not carry out his mission on his own, he called people to be with him and they were inspired to work with him.

He travelled through towns and villages preaching and proclaiming the Good News.

For your task today, use the words of Luke’s Gospel to inspire you and create a poster inviting people to join Jesus’ mission. You could use some of your writing skills you have been using in persuasion to show people how great it is to spread love and peace to all. Be as creative as you can with your poster.

Luke 4_14-22

Poster worksheet

Friday Project:

I have set a new challenge for everyone.

Read the information from ‘Tudor Friday Project’ below.

Tudor Friday Project 1

Now you know what I expect from you over the coming weeks every Friday afternoon.

Here are some pictures of examples children have created in the past. You could use these as insipation for your work.

Tudor project examples

Remember all work is to be returned as usual. Today I will focus on English work. You do not have to send any project work to me today, as it states in the handout above, I will expect to see evidence of this work at the end of the project.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Take care,

Mr. Craig.