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Good morning Year 5.

It’s Friday! One more day of home learning and you can finally relax and enjoy your weekend.

Today we will be focusing on Maths, English, Reading, Art and your Tudor Project.

I will be giving feedback on your Art work today.

Maths: subtract fractions different denominators

Today, you will be subtracting fractions with different denominators. This is the same approach as adding. You need to make sure that the denominators are the same in the question before you subtract the fractions.

Remember whatever you do to the bottom (the denominator) of a fraction you must do to the top (the numerator) of a fraction. This will create an equivalent fraction.

for example, take the fraction 1/5. To make the denominator 10, you must multiply the 5 by 2. Because you have done this to the bottom of the fraction, you must now do this same multiplication to the top, therefore 1 x 2 which equals 2. Creating my equivalent fraction 2/10.

Follow these links to guide you through the explanation.


Please only go up to question 5.

As a further challenge, please complete the last two questions. These are optional.




Now, I want you to use all that you have developed throughout this topic.

I would like you to wirte a letter to persuade people to visit a local landmark in our area (the North East of England)

You can select the landmark yourself, do your research so you know all about it.

Some suggest landmarks could be, The Angel of the North, St. Mary’s Lighthouse, The Sycamore Gap, Bamburgh Castle, The Millennium Bridge.

Plan your letter like we have done in the previous lessons. Use the videos from Wednesday and Thursday’s home learning posts to help you. Remember your PEPS.

To make your letter a success, follow these criteria:

I have used the correct layout for a persuasive letter.

I have used a variety of simple, compound and complex sentences.

I have used formal conjunctions in my writing.


I have used persuasive techniques such as flattery, veiled threats and presumptions in my writing.

Once you have completed your letter, keep it safe. You will need this letter for a task on Monday.


Today, I would like you to look at what I would have read to you yesterday had google classroom been working, it is an extract from the book ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar. Follow the link below and a teacher from the Oak Academy will read the extract with you and will ask key questions along the way for you to answer.


Following our last art lesson thinking about perspective, we will be further developing our sketching skills ready for painting or adding colour next week. Select your own landmark of the North East, I suggest you use the same landmark used for your English task today.

Remind yourself of lines of perspective in the PowerPoint below.

Lesson 5 – Perspective

Find a picture of your landmark and print this if possible. Then I would like you to draw on your vanishing point over the picture and add the lines of perspective. Once you have drawn these lines on your picture, begin to plan out the position of key objects within the landscape, you can now start to draw the image you are looking at. Build this up creating a sketch of your scene.

Now begin to add detail to this.

I would like you to complete a pencil only (detailed) drawing of your landscape.

I have created a step by step guide below. Here I have not printed the image but rather used publisher to establish the vanishing point and lines of perspective. You could do the same thing.

Once you’ve completed your drawing keep it safe, you will need it next week.

Mr Craig’s example


Welcome back to Tudor Friday’s! Use this time to work on your project that you started last week. I have reattached the guidance below to remind you of your task. Remember you can do several different things within your project. Plan these out and work on them each week ready to create a final PowerPoint or video of your project.

For example, I might decide to design a Tudor recipe book or menu. I will build a Tudor house. I will write a Tudor poem and finally I will draw a portrait of Henry VIII.

Tudor Friday Project 1

Enjoy your work today and I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Take care,

Mr. Craig