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Good morning Year 5.

Thank you so much for all of your wonderful work you have been sending to me. It is great to see so many of you trying your best and setting your standards high.

Today we will be doing Maths, History with English, RE and PE


Today we will focus on subtraction using the column method. We will be doing ‘exchanging’ throughout our work. Make sure you watch the helpful video below as this explains the method very well.

Here is your worksheet for today:


Please could everyone complete up to and including question 4.

Challenge yourself with the rest of the questions 5 – 7. These questions are tricky and I would expect some of you to do these. Enjoy!


We are going to use our English skills today to help us understand the history of the Tudors.

If you remember in class I was very excited about how the Tudors came to power in England. We are going to discuss the battle which brought Henry VII to power when he became the King of England.

REMEMBER this is Henry VII (7th) not Henry VIII (8th) !

Once you’ve read through the information about the Battle of Bosworth answer the comprehension questions carefully. I have also included my own PowerPoint (saved as a PDF) which goes into further detail about the events during this time.

You will need this information for the second part of this task.

Battle of Bosworth Comprehension-5-8

Rise of the Tudors, Battle of Bosworth

Now you know all about the battle, I would like you to take the role of a solider during 1485 and retell the events. I would like you to explain what has happened, how Henry Tudor has become our new king.

You could write a diary entry or a letter.

Here is a success criteria for you to follow with your writing. Try to include each skill in your writing. I’m really looking forward to read all of your work.



Today we begin our new RE topic ‘Mission’.

We will be thinking about inspirational communities.

Look up what the word inspirational means?  What does the word community mean? Record these on paper or digitally.

Now read through this story of a Dutch lady named Elly Jansen.

The Richmond Fellowship – Y5 pg 101

Did you notice how Elly inspired the community around her to create something that helps others, it also showed me what someone can achieve if you show commitment, courage and determination to do something.

Your first task is to research, very simply, four different charities and write down their aim. What is it that they want to do?

For example, CAFOD is the name of the charity and they aim to support development overseas to those less fortunate.

Use this template to help you:

First research sheet

Next, pick one charity and research this further. Use the sheet below, put your charity name in the centre of the spider diagram and answer the questions around it. Using the internet for research. Helpful hint, the ABOUT page on a charities website can be very useful.

Research work sheet

Finally, create your very own charity it can be based on the charity you have researched. You could create your own name for your charity. Answer the questions about your charity in the top section of the worksheet and use the box at the bottom to create your own logo or name for the charity. You could use your Pop Art skills here. Research charity posters on the internet to get more inspiration.

poster final worksheet

I am really looking forward to seeing your finished work today. Remember to take photos and  to send all of your work within one email to 



Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Stay safe and take care,

Mr. Craig