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Good morning Year 5.

I hope you have all enjoyed your weekend and hopefully had some fun in the snow. It is wonderful to see all of you sending work into me. Keep this up, I love seeing all of your great work.

Remember, once all of your work is completed for the day, send it to me at

Today we will focus on Maths, English, Art and Music.


Today we will be looking at multi step addition and subtraction problems. Please watch the video lesson below. Go through the video more than once if you need to so you can fully understand.

You will have to use your ‘carrying’ and ‘exchanging’ skills throughout these questions.

Answer question 1 to 4 :

Multi-step addition and subtraction problems

When completing the worksheet it is sometimes most important for me to see your working out. Question 3, I would like you to use the bar model method here.

To work out whether he has enough money using a bar model:

   Total money he has (£1000)
Cost of TV hereCost of games console hereWhat is left here

So, add the TV and the games console together then subtract your answer from 1000. Do you have enough money for the price of the phone?

Questions 5 – 8 are a further challenge. Please try these, do not worry if you find them difficult, they need more time and careful thought. Enjoy!


In English today, we will be continuing to explore persuasive writing. Use this lesson to help you gain a better understanding and to generate points to use in an argument. Today you will be discussing points of view for wearing a school uniform. You will need to write these down and make sure you keep them safe as we will use them later for our final piece of writing.

We will need these examples as sentence frames for when we try to persuade someone to visit a landmark in the North East later in our topic.


Follow these instructions about drawing in perspective. If you can’t print out the page with the perspective lines on it, then use a ruler and create your own page with the lines.

Remember, this is sketching, so you can do it many times. You are practicing what you would like your finished drawing to look like.

I would like you to sketch a local landmark using the perspective skill. If you can remember in class we selected our own landmark, however today I would like you to pick one of the following from the examples sheet below:

Lesson 5 – Perspective

Perspective drawing techniques

examples of landmarks to use


Please follow the instructions on the sheet below.

Music lesson 1

Enjoy your day, I look forward to seeing all of your work today.

Take care,

Mr. Craig.