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Good morning Year 5.

I hope every has had a wonderful weekend.

Today we will be going live at 9:15am, I hope to see you all there on google classroom.

Welcome to a new week! Today we are doing Maths, English, RE and PE. Please send all of your work to and I will provide feedback on Maths.


For Maths today, you will be multiplying 3 digits by 2 digits. These concepts are very tricky, I recommend re-watching some of the videos from Thursday and Friday and taking your time to work through this video below. During our morning meet on google classroom I will take some time to explain today’s Maths in more detail.

Please complete the worksheet below:

Worksheet 1

Here is an extension task for you to try, these are tricky questions and need to be read though carefully. You do not have to complete the last part of question 8. If you do attempt this question you need to multiply the answer to the first part by 0.16 remembering to keep your decimal point in the same place for your answer.

Maths extension

Here are the answers for you to check your work against:


It is really important that we keep up with our times tables. Follow the link below and at the bottom of your work today, tell me which challenge you did and how long it took you. See if you can been your score or time.


Today we will be developing an understanding of when to use formal conjunctions within writing. Make sure you keep a record of your work for our next lesson.


What is a diocese?

Do you know and understand about life in your parish family? This is very different at the moment because of the national lockdown. Usually we would be visiting our church each week and celebrating Mass together, many different members of our parish family would work together to make this happen.

These parish families form part of a larger Christian communities called dioceses.  Look at Church’s Story page 27 below and locate our own diocese.  Think about where our local diocese is in relation to the rest of England and Wales. You may need to use google maps to help you.

Church’s Story pages 27

The Bishop’s church in a diocese is called a Cathedral see Church’s Story pages 26 below, The Diocese.  This is where the Bishop, as leader of the Christian community in the diocese, has his seat and celebrates Mass.  The name Cathedral comes from the Greek word ‘Cathedra’ meaning chair or seat.

Church’s Story pages 26

Answer these key questions, you may need to do some research:

  • What is the name of your diocese?
  • What is the name of the leader of your diocese?
  • What is the name of your Cathedral?
  • What is the Bishop’s seat?

For your task today, gather information and investigate where our parish community fits into this diocese.

Using this information, design a cover for a leaflet to give to tourists showing you understand the importance of the Cathedral in the diocese.  Describe what its mission is, how it is a centre for parish families and what kind of activities happen there.

Here is a useful link to help you do this:

Choose an appropriate piece of scripture for the front page of the leaflet that describes the diocesan mission. An example of this could be,  Mark 3: “Jesus went up the mountain and called to him those whom he wanted, and they came to him.”

leaflet cover worksheet


Enjoy your day everyone.

Take care,

Mr. Craig