St. Mary and St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

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Good morning year 5.

Can you believe it, we are entering week 5 of home learning. Well done to all of you for showing such great maturity and dedication, working through your daily lessons and handing in such great work. I’ve been so impressed by so many of you. Keep up the fantastic work.

Today’s tasks will include, Maths, English, Music, Art and Spellings. I will giving feedback on your art work today.

Our google meeting will take place as usual at 9:15am, I will be discussing maths in more detail here.


It is important that we recap our perimeter and area skills before we move on to more detailed area work.

I will be discussing different strategies this morning during our google classroom meeting. Please make sure you attend with a pencil and paper.

For today’s maths lesson we will be looking at word problems which involve calculating perimeter. Make sure you read the question fully.

Helpful hint: question 3. There are 1000m in 1 km.

So 2km = 2000m

Here is a recap video of perimeter, starting at 4 minutes 45 seconds. This will remind you of what perimeter is and how we calculate it.





Today in English we will be investigating the appearance of a tiger and how we can incorporate this into our writing, ready for our non-chronological report. Remember to keep this work safe as you will need it later in the topic.

Music lesson:

Following on from our last lesson about rhythm, we will being a sequence of fantastic music lessons. Today we are inspired by West African drumming. Enjoy!


Today in art we will be think about different art skills that we can use when creating our own work. We begin by concentrating on shading techniques. A really important skill to develop. Even now as an adult, when I sketch, I am always trying to make my shading better.

Follow the presentation below and complete the worksheet.

Remember the rules:

No Gaps

Shade in ONE direction

Smooth even tone

This is not just a test of your shading ability but your attention to detail and following the rules.

Presentation – shading

Activity Four rules of shading

Here is a sketch I have done and developed shading within it. Once you have completed the worksheet please do your own sketch of whatever you want and use your shading techniques within your picture.

Mr. Craig’s example


Here are the spellings for this week. Use each word and create a sentence with each one. You may need to look up the word in a dictionary or through a google search to find its meaning. I look forward to reading your sentences. See if you can add in relative clauses or fronted adverbials into your sentences as a further challenge.


Enjoy your day everyone.


Take care,


Mr. Craig.