St. Mary and St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

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Good morning Year 5.

Welcome to another week of home learning. I am missing you all in class.

We will be meeting on google classroom at 9:15am. I look forward to seeing you all there soon, please have your letter from the English lesson on Friday with you for this class meeting.

Today we will be focused on Maths, English, Science and PE. I will be giving you feedback on your Maths work today.

Let’s begin…


We are starting a new Maths topic today, we will be investigating and understanding perimeter and area. Today’s lesson will focus on measuring perimeter. It is important that I see you can all measure accurately and understand the method of measuring perimeter. This task is important for the foundations of measuring and calculating accurately.

Watch the video provided:

Complete the following worksheet:



As a reminder, make sure to line up columns when adding, especially when you have decimals, for example: 3.4 + 4 you actually write 3.4 + 4.0 make sure the tenths line up and the ones line up in their correct place value columns.

Here is a link to an online ruler, you could print this if you do not have a ruler at home.


Today, we will be starting a new topic in English, we will be learning to write a Non-chronological report.

For our first lesson you will be identifying the features of a non-chronological report. Follow the lesson and make sure to write down answers to questions asked. You will need these later in the topic.


Today we will be exploring and designing mechanisms. It is important for you to understand simple mechanisms, such as levers, pulleys and gears. These can be used to create fantastic inventions that can help us in our everyday lives. Once you read through the lesson presentation you will begin to see these mechanism’s in objects around you in your home. Use the Mechanism Fact sheet to explore what levers, pulleys and gears can do and how they work. You do not have to do the fact sheet as described on the lesson presentation, just keep the fact sheets with you when describing your own mechanism later.

Continue reading the lesson presentation, follow the instructions of the task to invent your own marvelous machine. I have provided some ideas if you cannot think of your own. Follow the Marvelous Machines Activity sheet. For the final part, why not ask someone in your home to evaluate your machine. Get their opinion and feedback.

Lesson Presentation and task

Mechanisms Facts

Machine Idea Cards

Marvellous Machines Activity Sheet-1-2

I look forward to seeing some of your wonderful inventions!

Here are some great videos to aid the explanation of the mechanisms.

Start the video and watch up to 1 minute 31 seconds to help explain pulleys.

Then, start at 3minutes 13 seconds to explain levers in more detail, watching up to 4 minutes 13 seconds.

Finally watch this video to help explain gears, you do not have to do the task that is asked on the video, this is just a helpful tool for you to see how gears turn and how they work.


It is important that we stay active during these times, enjoy some Joe Wicks:

Enjoy your day.

Mr. Craig