St. Mary and St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

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Good morning Year 5.

Welcome to another day of home learning. Today we will focus on Maths, English, Geography and Reading.

I will be giving feedback on Maths work today.

Firstly, today is an important day. It is the Feast day of St. Thomas Aquinas, the patron saint of our school and church. I would like you to research St. Thomas Aquinas and find out more about him. Using your information decide on a suitable symbol or collection of symbols to create a Saintly Symbol for St. Thomas Aquinas, draw this into the centre of the template below. This could be the cover of a prayer card, on the back write a prayer dedicated to St. Thomas Aquinas. We will share these tomorrow during our google classroom meeting.

A symbol for St. Thomas Aquinas


Today we will be calculating the area of a rectangle. It is important that you recognise in questions 1 – 3 that each square equals 1 cm. For these question you can count up the squares, however it is important that you write down the calculation to show further understanding of how to calculate area.

I will be explaining this further during our google classroom meeting at 9:15am.




We will be developing subject specific vocabulary for our non-chronological report. This is an important part of the build up to your final report.

I look forward to reading your paragraph of writing about the tiger using the vocabulary you have learnt in this lesson.


Today follow the PowerPoint PDF below, answer the questions as you go through each page. Do not look ahead as the answers are on the next page after the question. Make sure you write down all your answers as I’ve asked and send these to me.

Finally, use your knowledge to create a warning sign to go near an active volcano.

Effects of Volcanic Eruptions

Warning sign template


Following on from last week’s extract of ‘Holes’ (our whole class reader) here is the next online lesson. Today we will focus on analysing settings.

Skipping Challenge:

We have been invited to take part in the #INSPIRE Skipping Challenge. Please follow the videos below which introduce the skipping challenge to you all and your parents. I have posted a helpful top tips video and the first of the skills videos. I will post more skills next week. We appreciate that not everyone will have a skipping rope, if you do, please take part in the challenge. If you don’t have a skipping rope, continue staying active as much as you can.


Keep up the great work Year 5, enjoy your day.

Mr. Craig