St. Mary and St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

Home Learning Platform

Good morning Year 5.

Welcome to another day of home learning. We will be having our daily meet at 9.15am, I look forward to seeing you all there.

Today we will be focusing on Maths, English, Science and RE. I will be giving feedback on RE.


Today we will look at adding factions. Follow the useful link below for a great explanation of the task and then complete the worksheet. This morning during our google meet I will remind you of the process of converting fractions from improper fractions to mixed numbers and simplifying a fraction.



English :

Today you will work step by step to write your persuasive letter about school uniforms.


For Science today you will be investigating water resistance. You will need some play-doh or blue tack. If you do not have any please follow this very simply YouTube tutorial and make some, it does not need to be colour. Once you’ve made the play-doh follow the slides on the PowerPoint.

Make sure you read these slides carefully.

When creating the shapes with your play-doh, make sure you weigh the play-doh before making the shapes so that all shapes are the same weight.

When you get to the experiment, do as I have asked in the PowerPoint, ask an adult for permission when selecting an empty clear bottle or large glass. You will also need a timer, you could use your iPad or mobile phone if you do not have a watch.

Make sure you record the results, use the worksheet below to guide you with evaluating the water resistance.

When sending in your work write a brief conclusion explaining to me which shape travelled the fastest through the water and why this happened.

Water resistance powerpoint

Resistance results worksheet


Following on from our work on Monday, each diocese has a Bishop. He is chosen and appointed by the Pope. The role of the Bishop is to preach the Gospel, that is the Good News, to everyone and to be a witness to its truth.

The Bishop helps the people to grow in faith by prayer and example and being a witness to Jesus. Bishops are the successors of the apostles (the one who is sent out) and continue Jesus’ mission as leaders of the Church today.

The Bishop oversees and governs his diocese following the example of Jesus, the Good Shepherd.

Look at Church’s Story page 26 again, The Bishop, read through the text.  Think about what the Bishop does within the diocese and the symbols of his role and authority.  His role is in overseeing and uniting all the parish families within a diocese.

Church’s Story pages 26

Your task is to create a new coat of arms for the Bishop and our diocese.

Use the template below. Think about the objects and symbols described in Church’s story page 26. You could annotate your coat of arms explaining why you’ve picked different symbols. Make sure you fill the whole image and make it as each catching as possible. If you are unsure of what a Bishop’s ring or crozier looks like, make sure to research these online.

coat of arms template

Finally use the letter head below and write a letter as if you were a newly appointed Bishop addressing your new parish and all of the parish families. Explain your new mission for the diocese and how you are going to bring together all of the parish communities to share the good news of God.


Enjoy your day everyone, I look forward to seeing all of your finished work.

Take care,

Mr. Craig.