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Good morning Year 5.

Thank you for all of your great work so far this week. I look forward to seeing you all on our morning call at 9:15am.

Today we will focus on Maths, English, Art and RE. I will give feedback today on Maths.


Today we will begin our first lesson on Area. We will recognise that the area is the space inside a closed 2D shape. Please follow the video below (the explanation is very good) and complete the worksheet provided.



For a further challenge today in Maths, complete this worksheet below:

Maths challenge


We will continue our non-chronological report lessons today. Follow the link below to access the next lesson. Today we will focus on relative clause. Make sure you keep all of your work safe as you will need your examples for later in your report writing.

To develop knowledge of relative clauses (


I would like you to read through the PowerPoint ‘May we all be one’ and reflect on the scripture included through the key questions. Next, select one of the three denominations of Christianity that I have mentioned in the PowerPoint. Research this denomination using the questions included, make sure you use your e-safety skills here and research carefully on the internet, using trusted websites. Finally, create a fact file of this denomination, give it a title and you could use the blank box to draw a picture or create word art about unity with others.

May we all be one



Retrieve your sketch work of a local landmark from last week.

Firstly, think about the journey through impressionism that we completed in school. Below is the PowerPoint to remind you of the key features of an impressionist painting. I would like you to use these techniques to add colour to your picture. You could use paint or colouring pencil for this task.

This is not something to rush, you need to take your time and use little brush or pencil strokes. You also need to build up layers, one after another. I will show you an example during our google classroom meeting.

Journey through Impressionism

Take care everyone,

Mr. Craig.