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Good morning Year 5.

Today is the last home learning post for this half term. Thank you so much for all of the great work you have sent to me during during the last 6 weeks and a huge thank you to your parents and helpers. Their support has been amazing and I am so proud of everything you have achieved.

I will see you all for our morning google classroom meet. I will be starting today’s meeting at 9:00am. See you then.

Today for your final day we will be focusing on Maths, English, RE and your Tudor Project.


Today in Maths we are deepening our understanding of line graphs. Work through the video slowly and carefully then apply your knowledge to the worksheet provided.

Use line graphs to solve problems



Ash Wednesday:

As today is our last post together until we return after half term, I would like us to take a moment and remember Ash Wednesday. Ash Wednesday will be celebrated on 17th February next week. Read through the attached page below, all about Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. After that, I would like you to complete the Lent promise sheet. Once you have completed this, I would like you to plan a collective worship for us to take part in during the season of Lent. Think carefully about the liturgical colours used, the scripture story you select and the mission you would like us all to take part in.

Ash Wednesday and Introducing Lent

Lent promise



In this lesson, we will write the closing paragraph of our non-chronological report about tigers. We will include a summary of the report and consider the future for this iconic animal.

Once you have followed the lesson and finished your report. I would like you to write or type your report up neatly into the template below (or you could use the template as a guide if you are completing it on your computer). You could use pictures from the internet to add into your report.

I have included my own example of how to layout a non-chronological report, this on is all about Werewolves, you could use this as a guide.

I can’t wait to read your finished reports.

Werewolf-non chronological report example (layout)

non chronological report frame (blank)

Tudor Project:

This is your final post for your Tudor Project, this doesn’t mean that you share your work today. This is your last post directing you to work on your project.

After half term, I will give you the first week back to have time to compile everything and create either a video or a presentation of all of the work you have done.

Here is a reminder of the Tudor Project for further inspiration.

Tudor Friday Project 1

Finally, I hope you all have a restful half term. Take time to recharge yourself and make sure you give your loved ones a big hug. I hope to see you all very soon.

Take care everyone.

Mr. Craig.