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Good morning Year 5.

Welcome to another day of home learning, you are all doing a great job at home, well done.

Today we will focus on Maths, English, History, Science and PE. Tomorrow morning I will be giving feedback on English and any other misconceptions.

I will see you all at 9:15am today where I will explain our Maths task in more detail, please have the first maths worksheet with you if possible, so you can make notes on this as I explain our work today.


Today in Maths we will be continuing to understand how to calculate the area of a compound shape. This is when we combine two rectangles together. Watch the video below, here you can recap yesterday’s learning and continue with today’s objective. I will also be discussing this during our google meeting.

WO4-Area-of-compound-shapes WSH 2

ANS4-Area-of-compound-shapes WSH 2

Here is an extra task to complete if you are feeling confident with areas of compound shapes. These question vary, so please complete as much or as little as you want. You can just complete one question from each sheet if you want, or just complete the first sheet to practice calculating area.

For the last sheet, you have to calculate the area of the shaded part and subtract this from the area of the full shape.

The answers are included at the back of the pack, so please mark these yourself.

Extra task area-of-compound-shapes


Today we are beginning to write our opening paragraph for our report. Make sure to record all of your work as I will be marking this today.


In History today we will be investigating the six wives of Henry VIII. Henry VIII was a powerful king and he liked to get his own way. Look through these information sheets all about the different wives of Henry VIII.

Henry VIII’s Wives

You can also do your own further research on the internet using reliable sources, so you can gather even more information about each of the six wives.

Once you have the information, complete the following table:

Henry VIII’s Wives Activity Grid

You can fill in the table above or you can cut up the table and create a full time line for the wives. It is up to you how you present this task.

Enjoy discovering more about each wife.


Today we begin a new topic in Science. We will be investigating Properties and Changes of Materials.

Look through the PowerPoint PDF, it will explain the difference between natural and synthetic materials. Different materials have different properties. It is important for you to understand these properties and what they mean. Complete the activity adding a definition to a property.

Once you have completed this, with an adult’s permission, look around your home for materials with these properties. For example, a sponge, this can soak up water therefore it is absorbent. You could create a PowerPoint of different objects with different properties and describe them.

Lesson Presentation Properties of Materials

Material Properties and Definitions Activity Sheet


Today we will continue with our #INSPIRE Skipping Challenge. Please follow the videos below for the new skipping skills. We appreciate that not everyone will have a skipping rope, if you do, please take part in the challenge. If you don’t have a skipping rope, continue staying active as much as you can.

Enjoy your day everyone,

Take care,

Mr. Craig