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Good morning Year 5.

Welcome to another day of home learning. Great start yesterday.

Today we will focus on Maths, English, History, French and Music. Tomorrow during our google classroom I will be giving feedback on English and any other misconceptions.

During our google classroom lesson this morning, I will be discussing the History task in lots of detail. Make sure you are able to join us.


Today we will focus on reading and interpreting information on a line graph. It is important that you watch the video and re-watch it if you need to.

I will be explaining this work in more detail during our morning google classroom. Make sure you have the work printed or in front of you so you can refer to it and make notes as I teach.




In this lesson, we recap the key features of non-chronological reports. We will then edit our reports, focusing on correcting errors and making improvements. If you remember in class, I will always ask you to ‘up level’ your work. Make sure you send all work to me today.


Today in History we will be discovering more about one of the most famous of Henry VIII’s wives, Anne Boleyn.

I will be discussing this live during our google classroom. Make sure you have with you the resources for the lesson, this includes the PDF of Anne Boleyn below along with the letter frame worksheet.

If you do not manage to join our live lesson this morning, make sure you read the information below from the PDF and follow the success criteria on the last page.

For your task, I want you to write a letter as if you were Anne Boleyn, you are currently in the Tower of London awaiting execution! In your letter you are begging for your life. Follow my frame provided below and write your own letter to Henry VIII.

Anne Boleyn

Anne B letter frame worksheet 2021


This lesson will review call and response, ostinato and the signals learnt in the last lesson. Following this, you will have the opportunity to develop your understanding of cross-rhythms, concluding in planning a performance.

If you are feeling brave, and have an app on your ipad or phone to do it, why not preform the cross rhythm like Miss Miner and video it. If you do, please email this to me, I would love to see it.


Follow the link below for your next lesson with Mrs. Innerdale. Please send all complete tasks for French to:

months gap fill and match months and seasons

Safer Internet Day:

Mr Patterson has provided some reasources for Safer Internet Day, please click on the links below to download them.

Home Learning Resources for 7-11s

Quick Activities

Resource Sheet

Enjoy your day.

Take care,


Mr. Craig