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Hello Year 5.

I hope you are all enjoying your week so far.

Our google meet will take place again today at 9:15am. I will discuss maths today and I will also be reading the next chapter of our class book ‘Holes’. I hope to see you all there.

Today, we will focus on Maths, English, Reading and Geography. Tomorrow morning I will be giving feedback on Maths and any other misconceptions.


Today in Maths we will be beginning to understand how to calculate the area of a compound shape. This is when we combine two rectangles together. Watch the video below. I will also be discussing this during our google meeting.

Complete the worksheet below:

WO4-Area-of-compound-shapes WSH 1

ANS4-Area-of-compound-shapes-WSH sheet 1


Today I would like you to use your comprehension skills to read and answer the following questions on an information text. This task will develop your inference, retrieval and vocabulary skills.

Volcanoes of the World


I would like you to analyse a character from our class book ‘Holes’. Follow the lesson below and make sure to record your answers and send these to me. I look forward to seeing your drawings of Stanley.


For Geography today I would like you to create your very own composite volcano. You will need all of the items I told you about during our Monday google classroom meeting.

Follow the instructions below.

It would be great if you could build up the volcano around the bottle, to create a “real” volcano. If you do this, use a plastic bottle and only put in the ingredients except the vinegar into it. Build the volcano around it (I’ll give you hints and tips during our google classroom meet) and then when you have decorated and finished this, add the vinegar. Please video your volcano eruption and send these to me. Enjoy!



As promised, here is my drawing of ‘The Simpsons’. I had mentioned in our Google classroom meeting that I would like you to shading this, using the techniques from earlier this week. Please send in your finished picture for me to see.

the simpsons

Take care everyone,

Mr. Craig.