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Good morning Year 5.

Well done for the great start to our week.

Today we will focus on Maths, English, French and PE. During our google meeting tomorrow, I will be giving feedback on Maths and any other misconceptions.

Let’s begin our day…


Today in Maths we will be looking at numbers up to 100,000. We will be using a range of skills and methods, such as the bar model and number line work. Make use you watch the video carefully and answer the questions below.




In this lesson, we will apply our knowledge of unstressed vowels in polysyllabic words to further practise spellings, use a spelling strategy for the words in the spelling list from last spelling lesson, and take a test at the end of the lesson.

Spelling list

I would like to see each word used in a sentence.


Here is your next home learning lesson from Mrs. Innerdale, remember to send this work directly to her at the following email address:


Today we will continue with our #INSPIRE Skipping Challenge. Please follow the videos below for the new skipping skills, these are the last of the skills to learn. We appreciate that not everyone will have a skipping rope, if you do, please take part in the challenge. If you don’t have a skipping rope, continue staying active as much as you can.

As promised, a mindfulness colouring page, all about the second Sunday in Lent, following our collective worship yesterday.

Second Sunday of Lent

Have a great day,

Take care,

Mr. Craig.