St. Mary and St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

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Good morning Year 5,

Welcome back to another day of home learning.

Today we will focus on Maths, English, Science and RE.

Remember to send all completed work to

I will be giving feedback on one of the subjects above.

Let’s begin:


For your maths lesson today we will be looking further at estimating volume. Follow the video and complete the worksheet provided. I will discuss this further during our google classroom.


Further challenge:

Follow the Oak Academy lesson and complete the tasks linked to volume.


In our English lesson today we will be investigating the features of the opening scene to our writing. I expect to see your sentences written out fully from the lesson and these submitted to me via email.


For RE today you will need to follow the instructions below.

First, write down:

  1. A person/people on earth you care about.
  2. A place on earth you care about.
  3. Something on the earth you care about.

Think about the difference between natural and man- made places on earth, write down a list of both. For example: Natural places – Niagara Falls and Man-made – The Tyne Bridge.

Think about an object you really care about. How do you look after it?

We all care for things in this world. When we care for something, we have some responsibility for it, and we are stewards of it. What do you think the word ‘steward’ means?

There are stewards at football matches, concerts or even at church. When we look after something, this is called stewardship. Often, the word stewardship is used to refer to a responsibility to take care of something that is owned by someone else.

Go outside (or if that’s not possible look out of the window), be still and take notice of the world you can see. Focus on any things of nature – sky, clouds, birds, trees.

Write a poem or draw a picture to represent what you care for on the earth. Send your completed work to me at


In our music lesson today, we will follow on from yesterday and this time playing a melody using a scale.


For science today I would like you to watch the following video lesson about the properties of materials. Complete the science task below which is linked to recycling and synthetic materials.

Science Task

Enjoy your learning today, see you all tomorrow for our morning google meeting.

Take care,

Mr. Craig.