St. Mary and St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

Home Learning Platform

Good morning Year 5.

Welcome back to our home learning portal. For our time during isolation I will be posting work here on our Year 5 home learning web page, as well as meeting with you through google classroom.

Our first google classroom will begin today at 9:00am please make sure you mute your mic, keep your video on and have a pen/pencil with paper ready.

Your tasks today will include Maths, English, Art and PE.

I look forward to receiving your completed work which you can send to I will be giving feedback on one of the subjects from the day.

Let’s get started…


For your maths task today I would like you to watch the following video linked to volume:

Complete this worksheet linked to the lesson.


As a follow up, watch this video and complete the work included in the video, this time reading scales and measuring volume.


Today we will start a new unit in English, we will be working on our narrative writing skills. I will talk you through this in more detail during our google classroom.

Follow the link to the lesson below:

Please complete the task and make sure you send back all of the steps you have done throughout the lesson to me today via email.


Your task today is to find out more about the artist M.C. Escher.

Create a fact file about the artist using the internet to research his work further. Make sure you are using the internet in a safe way please.

You could create your fact file on publisher / word or PowerPoint if you would prefer. You could also use the template I have provided below.

Here is a brief PowerPoint of information to get you started.

mc-escher-and-tessellations-powerpoint Lesson 1


I look forward to seeing your fact files.


Let’s try and stay active! It is very easy at home during isolation to sit at your computer and snack, so let’s try and keep our fitness up. Let me know if you enjoy this:

Try this too if you have a football. If you don’t have a football you can still do the drills without one:

If you have a skipping rope you could work on your skipping skills like we have done in previous lockdown posts.

If possible please send short video clips of you completing the skills and work out and we could share these as a class.

Have fun today everyone and I will see you all for our morning call tomorrow at 9:00am.

Take care,

Mr. Craig.